Yes Asia Cafe
We will be closed for 2 to 3 months for remodeling, sorry for the inconvenience

About Us...... 
The concept of Yes Asia Cafe are modern, unique and Asian American influenced. We’re very fortunate to have an opportunity to share our thoughts and background through our foods and decorations. Yes Asia Cafe was born on July 15, 2011. Having a little restaurant in a local neighborhood is our family dream. I dreamed of having a restaurant since I was a little girl and never thought that it would come true. Being a Vietnamese American, growing up here in America, learning so much valuable information and memorable stories from both places, which I can’t forget and what made me today. One memory that still keeps a smile on my face once in a while when I think of it. Is the story of my mother, three older brothers and myself trying to escape from Vietnam at least two to three times a year, but we never made it. There were scary moments that I’m glad are over. On the other hand, the most memorable story that my husband remembered is 7 days on the sea with 10 people in a little boat, escaping from Nha Trang and not knowing where his family would be, but in the end, an angel lead them the way to the land of freedom. As a young girl growing up, I heard over and over again from the elderly,“ Benh tu mieng vo, hoa tu mieng ra” which translate to “Poison is what you put in your mouth, crisis is what comes out of your mouth”. That quo has been living in me for many different reasons in life. Therefore; our vision is to create healthier foods that combine Eastern and Western culture, to provided a fine cuisine that will win the hearts of the people. We are
fortunate to be one of your favorited local restaurants.



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